The regulation on the Terms and Conditions of the Hungarian Public Administration Internship Program determines the interns’ selection process, evaluation system, the quality assurance of the Program, the mentoring system, the phases of the Program in Hungary and abroad .

Content of Terms and conditions of the Program:

1. General provisions

Clarifies basic concepts such as intern, host institution, mentor, cooperation agreement, grant and internship program.

2. Application and selection process

It regulates conditions of the application. The call for the application and the basic criteria for the evaluation of the submitted applications have to be published on the website of the Program.

The complex selection process is conducted by HR professionals of the Prime Minister’s Office. During the process applicants take part in a logical text analysis test and a structured interview. The requirements of the structured interview are: dedication to public service, aptitude, foreign language skills. The applicants also have to take part in an interview in English, German or French to test their language knowledge.

3. About the internship

a. Training

Interns take part in basic public administration training and other complementary workshops, and in EU lectures during the Program.

In their first week the interns take part in a three-day-training where they acquire basic knowledge of the public administration.

Then every month they participate in two-day-long workshops.

Before the beginning of the phase abroad the interns take part in EU lectures.

b. Mentoring 

The interns are supported by mentors both in the Hungarian phase and the phase abroad. Mentors are experienced, respected senior colleagues of the host institutions who help and evaluate the intern’s performance monthly during the Program.


minimum 3 years of professional experience

highly motivated

personal skills (empathy, understanding others’ needs, open-minded etc.)

c. Tasks of host institutions in Hungary

The internship contract regulates the tasks of the host institution. The main task is to support both the mentor and the intern.

d. Abroad phase

Interns spend three-month-period abroad in a public administration institution in the European Union. During the abroad phase the interns' performance is evaluated by the mentor of the foreign host institution. 

e. Evaluation and monitoring in Hungary

Described by the following Program documents:

Sample Evaluation Sheet (monthly, after three months, program summary evaluation sheet)

Sample Evaluation Sheet for intern (filled in by intern about the Program)

f. Evaluation and monitoring abroad

Described by the following Program documents:

Program Summary Evaluation Sheet (filled in by foreign host institution)

g. Results of evaluation

Describes the positive and negative assessment of the intern.

4. Quality Assurance

Transparency is highly important for the organizers. Selection process, evaluation process, mentoring, phase in Hungary and abroad phase are entirely regulated by the Terms and Conditions of the Program.