The Office of Public Administration and Justice and the Prime Minister’s Office ensure transparency of the Program.

Tasks of the Prime Minister’s Office are the following:

  • analyzes, measures, follows up and improves processes of the Program
  • publishes evaluation criteria
  • sets up the selection committee (members of the Program Management Committee can participate)
  • publishes the call for proposal for mentors
  • makes proposal for the mentors for the Program Management Committee
  • monitors the mentors’ activity
  • develops the methodology for mentoring
  • follows up the evaluation and process monitoring
  • organizes meetings for professionals involved in the Program
  • organizes meetings for mentors and interns minimum twice a year

The tasks of the Office of Public Administration and Justice are the following:

  • collects the HR needs of ministries, offices and other institutions
  • provides technical support
  • contracting
  • mentor training
  • organizes events
  • organizes trainings
  • organizes Alumni Clubs