Interns' experiences from previous years

I had the honour to spend my three-month internship in Malta at the Centre for Development Research and Training (CDRT). The CDRT belongs to the Office of the Prime Minister and it is responsible for policy and direction of training activities within the Public Sector. My work at CDRT totally suited my scope of activities in Hungary. I feel really lucky and not only because of the amazing country, but also the working experience that I can utilize at home.

(Intern, Office of Public Administration and Justice, 2014)

I was very glad of this opportunity, since I thought about taking a job in the public sector. The internship program was a great opportunity to start my career in the public sector. 

I started to work in the National Institute of Public Administration, the background institution of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice. From the beginning I found the work very interesting here. Our department was responsible for personnel policy. I had the chance to assist in the selection process and participate in interviews as an observer.

During the Program I had the opportunity to get an insight into the work of the Ministry of Regional Development in Warsaw. I got many interesting experiences concerning Poland’s public administration.

On the whole, I can say that it was definitely useful for me to be in the Program which is proven by the fact that I have been working in the public sector since then.

(Intern, National Institute of Public Administration, 2012)

The Program was an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with public administration and build good relationships with my colleagues. During the phase abroad I had the chance to get to know the public administration of another EU member state and develop my language skills.

Intern, Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, 2013)